Position paper on Renewable Energy Directive III

Nov 12, 2021 | Position paper

The proposed Renewable Energy Directive III (‘RED III’) does not propose the appropriate measures to de-fossilize the road transport sector adequately and realistically. Although the RED III increases the targets for advanced biofuels and biogas for the maritime, aviation and road transport sector, it only supports the uptake of these sustainable fuels in the maritime and aviation sector. Furthermore, the RED III predominantly facilitates the uptake of Renewable Fuels of Non-Biological Origin (RFNBOs), ignoring the potential of advanced biofuels and biogas. The RED III, in combination with other proposals within the Fit for 55 package, therefore does not recognize the important complementary role of biomethane in de-fossilizing the road transport sector.

The Coalition therefore strongly urges the EU institutions to increase their efforts to stimulate the uptake of biomethane, as it is a complementary and scalable solution that can effectively facilitate a sustainable transition: it can utilize the current rolling fleet and existing fueling infrastructure, combined with modern recycling of waste, to make meaningful gains in reducing CO2 emissions. While full electrification and the further uptake of hydrogen are long-term viable options, they do not provide a concrete solution for the short to medium term: biomethane can bridge the EU’s de-fossilization ambitions with the reality of the EU road transport sector in both the passenger, light-duty and heavy-duty segments.