Position paper on the revision of the Regulation setting CO₂ emission performance standards for cars/vans

Jan 20, 2022 | Position paper

The proposed revision of the Regulation setting CO2 emission performance standards for cars/vans (‘CO2 Standards’) does not recognize the positive impact of alternative fuels, such as bio-CNG and -LNG, on the de-fossilization and GHG emission performance of new cars and vans. The revision will push car and van manufacturers to fully focus on electric and hydrogen-fueled vehicles. Sustainable mobility should not be measured by the type of drive – battery, electric or biofuels – but by the actual greenhouse gas savings over the entire life cycle. Only a technology neutral approach, considering all technologies’ costs and benefits, will realize a swift and fair de-fossilization of the road transport sector.

The Coalition therefore strongly urges the EU institutions to increase their efforts to stimulate the uptake of biomethane, as it is a complementary and scalable solution that can effectively facilitate a sustainable transition: it can utilize the current rolling fleet and existing fueling infrastructure. Combined with the practice of recycling of waste, it can make meaningful gains in reducing CO₂ emissions. While full electrification and the further uptake of hydrogen are long-term viable options, they do not provide a concrete solution for the short to medium term: biomethane can bridge the EU’s de-fossilization ambitions with the reality of the EU road transport sector in both the passenger, light-duty and heavy-duty segments.