Biomethane for Europe launched

Sep 29, 2021 | Press release

Today, 29 September 2021, marks the official launch of Biomethane for Europe.

The initiative aims to further promote the use of biomethane in the European road transport sector and show policymakers and EU citizens the benefits of using this inherently sustainable fuel in order to reach the European Union’s ambitious climate goals.

Marcel Borger (founder and CEO of OG), member of the Zürich 5 Coalition commented: “We are happy to finally give a strong European voice to the bio-CNG and bio-LNG sector. We believe the sector can substantially contribute to the European Union’s ambitions in de-fossilizing the road transport sector in a swift and cost-efficient way.”

We invite everybody to join our movement and advocate for a bigger role of biomethane in de-fossilizing Europe’s road transport sector and achieving the European climate targets.



About the Zürich 5 Coalition


Biomethane for Europe is an initiative of the Zürich 5 Coalition.

The Zürich 5 Coalition consists of four leading businesses and academic institutes in the bio-CNG and LNG sector across the whole supply chain, advocating for the uptake of biomethane in the road transport sector in Europe. It aims to support the EU in achieving its goals under the European Green Deal in reducing transport emissions and aims to stimulate a favorable regulatory framework for the uptake of biomethane. Current members of the Coalition are BioGem Express AG (Switzerland), GibGas (Germany) and OG (OrangeGas) (The Netherlands).